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IMAGINE putting on your lipstick and never having to worry about getting it on your teeth ever again.

lipstuk pic (brk).jpeg

We created LIPSTUK to keep lipstick off your teeth.  It's the perfect, reusable accessory for lipstick lovers everywhere!


Traps excess lip product and has a contoured

tip to blend and smooth!

Made of baking grade silicone!

Use the tip to apply concealor under your eye!

Chill your LIPSTUK on ice for immediate eye relief. 

Dishwasher Safe! (without the cap)

Stuck with no cork? Use your LIPSTUK as a wine stopper. It works! 

best secret.jpg

Spread the word!

LIPSTUK  beauty tool is incredibly versatile and easy to use. 

Come follow us @lovelipstuk! 

Ready to try LIPSTUK?

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