Wait, LIPSTUK is a Multi-use Beauty Tool?


 Yep! Scroll down to see how....

Apply Concealer using LIPSTUK
Chill LIPSTUK & Massage


After applying your favorite lip product, press your lips onto the tool, and then swipe out to remove any excess lipstick


Use the contoured tip to blend your lip product at any time of day


Once done, you can cap it. throw it in your bag, and keep on going with your day

LIPSTUK is an easy to use lip tool that replaces the finger trick. It removes excess lip product from inside your lips while the curved tip helps with blending & smoothing. This unique beauty tool is a must have for any lipstick lover. Lipstuk is affordable, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe!
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Lipstuk has an approved design patent and trademark. Utility patent is pending. All Rights Reserved. 

 LIPSTUK Brought to you by Founders/Creators: Katey Martinek and Celine Terry


Photo credit: @brook.thompson.photography