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Our Story

Celine and Katey are best friends and cosmetologists who met while working together in Miami. They bonded over movie quotes and broken hearts, as besties do.


Eventually, Katey migrated north to Kalamazoo, Michigan, but the two remained best friends over the years as they each married and started families of their own.

One night, as Katey was getting ready to take her kids to their sporting events, she applied red lipstick, used the finger trick to remove the excess product, and hurried out the door.


Arriving at the events, she noticed her finger was stained red from forgetting to wipe the lipstick off. Annoyed, she called Celine and said, “I’m at the kids’ game and I have lipstick all over my finger, again! We need to find a solution for this.” So, they started brainstorming - How do you keep lipstick off your teeth while also keeping germs and your fingers out of your mouth? And just like that, the idea for LIPSTUK was born!

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